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Bathroom Shower Systems | WELLFOR Concealed Valve Shower System Brushed Gold Built-In Shower System WM55195
  • Large 10 in. showerhead can rotate 360°

  • Angle of the showerhead can be adjusted through the bracket, or it can be taken off and cleaned directly

  • Pressure balance valve assists to guarantee the temperature control and water pressure balance, and avoid leakage

  • Injected air technology not only can make the water more delicate and energetic but also can save more water and can offer consistent powerful rain showers even under low water pressure

  • Oversized bathtub spout: you can use shampoo and hair ring on the spout

  • Faucet is equipped with a diverter knob, you can choose between shower head, hand shower, and waterfall bathtub spout

  • Rain Shower head: 1.8 GPM; Hand shower: 1.8 GPM

  • Compliant with American cUPC Certification

Shower set is manufactured from solid brass and SUS304 material with outstanding corrosion-resistant performance for ensuring quality and longer durability. It has three different modes that can be switched with a wide waterfall spout with large water flow, a 10 in. square rain shower head, and a hand shower. The waterfall spout can quickly fill your bathtub, the hand-held shower can clean your body in many ways, and the 10 in. showerhead brings you a comfortable shower experience. You can switch the knob to open the rain showerhead or handheld showerhead or tub spout as you like.

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