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Lawn & Garden Rain Barrels | Outsunny Outsunny 80 Gallon Rainwater Harvesting System Collection Tank with Collapsible Runoff EH88177
  • Save water and money by collecting up fresh runoff rainwater from your downspout and store it for later use in your garden with our rainwater collection barrel

  • Made from PVC material, this rainwater harvesting tank can stand up to the elements for long-lasting use

  • The whole frame is supported by 6 poles making the rain collection barrel more stable, including an enclosed barrel with a zipper to keep out debris while the front overflow protects your house by keeping the water from flooding against your outside wall

  • The turn-down spigot works with standard 0.6 in diameter hoses, just connect the rainwater barrel to the hose and turn the switch

  • FOLDABLE DESIGN: Effortlessly collapse and store the compact water catchment system for easy storage in your garage or shed when not in use

Outsunny Rain Harvesting System with Water Catchment Tank is an efficient way to collect fresh rainwater and reduce your water bill. Made from PVC material for long-lasting use. Two-way zippers on the top make it simple to open and close. This rain catchment system has six legs for strong support to the barrel. The rain barrel has an overflow tap that can connect other barrels for maximum storage capacity. This Outsunny rain catchment container is a necessity for your outdoor garden or lawn!

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