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Flooring Carpet | STAINMASTER Essentials Splash Guard II Indigo Textured Carpet (Indoor) AD63596
  • Certified STAINMASTER® Brand Protection at a good value

  • STAINMASTER® carpet with stain and soil protection for easy maintenance

  • Lifeguard® Spill-proof Backing™ is great for children and pets

  • Stain Resistant - Resists food and beverage stains

  • Soil Protection - Helps keep carpet clean and easy to maintain

  • Soft cut pile with tonal shading

Tonal shading in this soft cut pile carpet allows for the blending of shades within your room. The subtle color tones range from warm to cool neutrals with a few the latest accent colors sprinkled in. This style resists food and beverage stains, with soil protection that helps make the carpet easy to clean and maintain. This style also features Lifeguard® Spill-proof Backing™ to keep spills and odor-causing pet accidents conveniently contained from soaking through to the pad and subfloor.

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