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Lighting & Ceiling Fans | Big Ass Fans 84-in Silver and Yellow Indoor Ceiling Fan (6-Blade) KD47825
  • Perfect for indoor spaces up to 45-ft x 45-ft (2,025-sq ft) and ceilings 13- to 20-ft

  • Gearless, direct drive motor is silent and energy efficient

  • 6 patented mini-ellipto airfoils and cuffed winglets reduce drag and maximize performance and efficiency

  • Year-round energy savings, up to 10 degree cooling effect in hot weather and 1% energy savings per foot of ceiling height in cold weather

  • 7-ft diameter

  • Patented airfoil system includes 6 airfoils and cuffed winglets that maximize performance and efficiency, cooling the same area as 29 standard ceiling fans silently

  • Input power and required breaker power: 110–125 VAC, 1 PH, 50/60 Hz, 10 A

  • Variable speed controller offers fully-adjustable airflow

  • Universal mount and 2-ft extension included

The BAF 2025 is an impressive combination of brains and brawn. With its high-efficiency gearless direct-drive motor, BAF 2025 provides the serious air movement needed for indoor spaces up to 2,025 sq. ft. without interruption. The 7-ft wingspan cools the same area as 29 standard ceiling fans silently. The 2025 increases comfort and decreases energy bills year-round (yep, even in the winter) with air movement you can feel but never hear.

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